By Ismail Bategeka

KIRYANDONGO: Leaders in Kiryandongo district have embarked on seeking for different investors to invest in the district as a measure to reduce unemployment of the youth in the district.

The leaders want potential investors in agriculture and construction activities for the development and curb unemployment.

Mr Keneth Latigo the LC 3 chairperson Bweyale town council told ugreports.com that attracting more investors in the district will boost the development of his town council thus attain municipal status.

”If we get more investors, we can easily attain our municipal status, we shall be producing a lot of goods and our youth will be employed thus reducing unemployment,” he noted.

Latigo also stated that they have influx of refugees noting that they need more investors to employ the population.

”We need the investors to increase infrastructural development, job creation and high production of different products in the district,” he further asserted.


Hon. Jacob Karubanga the Member of Parliament for Kibanda South in Kiryandongo district told ugreports.com that there is need for improving on the domestic investment by ensuring involvement of family members to start businesses.

The politician also asked family heads to start businesses to sustain their families thus reduce unemployment. ”As we seek for investors, family heads can also set up businesses which will reduce unemployment,” he noted.

According to the leaders, the investors are to follow government procedures for investment and no tax holidays have been proposed so far for any investor who is ready to invest in Kiryandongo.

Investment opportunities in Kiryandongo include the development of middle and high-end hotels, residential buildings, warehouses and office premises.

Currently Kiryandongo district has, Kiryandongo sugar employing 12,000 youth, Bakerm Enterprises employing 110 youth, and agricultural farms employing over 4,000 youth in different agricultural farms and ranches.


Mr Baker Mwesigwa the director of Bakerm hardware and construction enterprises in Kiryandongo told our reporter they are employing 110 workers at all their branches and all those are residents in the district.

He asked other investors to set up businesses in the district noting it will reduce the unemployment.

Henry Matte, a resident of Kigumba said there is a great demand for higher-end hotel accommodation in the Murchison Falls National Park area adding the presence of technical institutions in the district is an opportunity for investors.

‘’Kigumba and Bweyale periodically experiences an influx of business-related visitors which creates high demand for quality accommodation and amenities,’’ said Henry Matte.


Muhamamad Atugonza a youth in Kiryandongo told ugreports.com that there is an opportunity for large-scale production of staple food crops like maize, cassava, sunflower, soya beans, groundnuts and sweet potatoes.

‘’We have opportunities in supplying the services needed for food production, including provision of inputs, and farming advisory services as well as financing of agricultural production,’’ he said.

Kiryandongo has a population of 346,692 while Kiryandongo refugee settlement has a population of 66,369 and the majority of the population is below 30 years of age.

According to the Kiryandongo district planning unit, the population is made up of 10% skilled labor force, 30% semi-skilled and 60% unskilled labor force.

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