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KIRYANDONGO: There has been a drama this morning {Tuesday} in Bweyale Town Council Kiryandongo district after a suspected thief surfaced with a stolen warmer and small bag of clothes shouting, ‘I’m going to die because of too much headache.’

This prompted residents to call police which swung into action and arrested the suspect.

On arrival at Bweyale police post, he was put in cells but continued shouting and calling Dr. Moto Moto, a cultural doctor for help.

This prompted police to call Dr. Moto Moto who asked them to escort him to his shrine where he performed rituals and set free the suspect being taken back to police to record statement.

The cultural doctor warned people against stealing people’s property saying they are going to work with police to crack down on thieves in the area.

The in charge of Bweyale police post ASP Benard Muzeeyi Mulindwa has challenged all traditional healers in Kiryandongo district to work hand in hand with police by reporting all wrong doers who visit their shrines after stealing people’s property seeking protection from being arrested.


Has also warned all those who have not legalised their operations with the Uganda herbalists and traditional healers association and coning people of large sums of money to stop it immediately adding that the long arm of the law will not spare them and urged locals to inform police once coned

According to Alfred Kasamba who is a property master dealer in Bweyale, he parked his vehicle on the street in Bweyale and went to have breakfast in a nearby restaurant on coming back he found his corona car had been broken into.

He says the suspect took off with the items forcing him to seek help from the cultural doctor.

According to Robert Kyobe, a resident of Bweyabele, there is rampant theft and he appealed to the government to beef up the security in the area because people are living in fear.

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