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KIRYANDONGO: Kiryandongo district local government is stuck with 800 million shillings meant to fund different sub projects in the district under Development Response to Dimpact Projects (DR DIP).
Mr Wamburu David Waskye the Kiryandongo district Chief Administrative Officer told ugreports that the funds had been sent to Kiryandongo district from DR DIP to implement fifteen sub projects which had been approved by the district.

According to Mr Wamburi, the fifteen affected projects include projects supporting agriculture, tree planting and irrigation projects which had been selected by community members in all sub counties of Kiryandongo district.

The fifteen groups money totaling to 800 millions had been sent to the Kiryandongo district account in July 2021, but was frozen in December 2021 when the inspectorate of government cited irregularities in the fifteen groups and immediately asked the office of the Prime Minister to halt the disbursement of the money from the accounts.

The fifteen groups include Nyakatiiti small irrigation scheme for fruit and vegetable which had received 229.6 millions, Go down tree nursery which had received 55.1 millions, Go down community tree planting which had recieved 52.9 millions, kinyomozi c small scale irrigation which had recieved 55.5, Panyadoli B Ber Ki lwaki nursery bed establishment which had received 55.1 millions.

Other groups include Masamba fish farming which had received 59.6, Mahonge fish farming which had recieved 59.6, Kimyoka micro dam for irrigation and livestock production which had recieved 100 millions, Kiburamatu nursary bed establishment 57.0, Kiryandongo distrct tree nursary bed establishment and woodlot which had recieved 57.0 millions.

Kirayndongo 11 community fish farming which had received 116.6 millions, Karokarungi community fish which had recied 56.6 millions Cluster MR community fish which had recieved 56.6 millions, Nakatiti biogass demostration which had recieved 48.16 and Nakiwaza Margret biogass demostration which had recievd 30.8 million shillings were the groups supposed to benefit from the sub projects.


Mrs Businge Zalfa the Kiryandongo district environment officer told ugreports that that they received a letter suspending the funding of the fifteen projects in December 2021 which led to in operation of the sub projects.

Mrs Businge further say, the fifteen groups had a total of 1000 members.

”All those projects are not operating now since there money had been halted, we are engaging all the group members to stay calm as the district team is handling the issue with the office of prime minister,” Mrs Businge said.

Mr Enyuk Charles the manager project risk, monitoring and contra in inspectorate of government say there decision to write to the prime ministers office recommending for the halting of the disbursement of the money to the groups was as a result gaps in the implementation modalities.

”It was as a result in the weakness the inspectorate of government noted and this gap must be closed and as a result the work of the fifteen implementing partners were suspended so that they wont continue cooperating in a manner that won’t promote the DR DIP project success,” Mr Enyuk said.

Mr Enyuk further adds that, the inspectorate of government noted that the memorandum of understanding between the fifteen implementing partners and office of the prime minister did not indicate the provision of the chief administrative officer to sign and stamp.

”The memorandum of understanding were signed between implementing partners and office of the prime ministers office leaving out chief administrative officer who are supposed to to be main implementors, this caused us a risk in successful implementation of the projects,” he said.

Mr Wanburu David Wasikye the Chief Administrative Officer noted that they have had engagement with the prime ministers office and it wont take long o be rectified.

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