By Daniel Nsengimana

KISORO: Police in Kisoro district have today arrested and detained one middleman behind murder of Indian businessman.

The trouble for the middleman started when Gumizamu Elioda, the killer of an Indian businessman confessed the mastermind behind the murder of the foreigner.

According to the Kisoro District Police Commander SP Richard Musisi, Gumizamu was to be paid a ransom of 20 million shillings upon successful assasination of the businessman.

”Upon interrogation, Gumizamu said that he was approached by two middle men whose identities are not yet identified who promised to give him 20 million shillings after Killing Patel,” Musisi said.

The District Police Commander however told this website that Gumizamu had yet to receive the agreed ransom.

SP Musisi said that one of the middlemen was today morning arrested and is in police custody at Kisoro police station.


”The suspect was arrested at 3:00am to help in investigations,” he added.

Musisi condemned the heinous act of a police officer Gumizamu who attacked a TULJE shop on Thursday 27th and killed Patel Kuntaj in broad daylight.

Meanwhile businesses including supermarkets, hardware and wholesale shops for Indians in Kisoro remain closed as many go for burial.

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