By Christopher Nyeko

KITGUM: Over 1,300 residents of Nyapea B and Luguruc villages in Pugdoda west parish Namokora Sub County in Kitgum district are struggling to access clean drinking water, this follows the breakdown of their only two boreholes which are nonfunctional for two years.

Otema David the chairperson of Nyapea B village told that their two boreholes one at Tecwa, and another at Tecumu were broken down in 2020 and 2021 respectively and have not been rehabilitated.

“During the rainy season people fetch water from the seasonal swamps, wellsprings and rivers, and currently over 1,300 people are fetching water from Oraa Nyapea which is unsafe,” he noted.

Otema added that his people are sharing this only water source with domestic animals such as pigs, cattle as well as wild animals like stray elephants which are creating fear on water fetchers.

Residents are now trekking for over 12 kilometers looking for the clean water for their families from the neighboring Omiya Anyima sub county and Namokora town council.

Rose Lalam the secretary woman affair said women and young girls are experiencing sexual violence on their way looking for water from the host community.

”Since the village is over 3 kilometers from the school, young children are no longer going to school because of shortage of water,” she asserted.

Lalam told that she has forwarded two cases of sexual assault inflicted on women by the way layers to police.

According from the report obtain from Bola primary school, it shows that the turn up of the girls have been low since the reopening of the school as parent are sending them to look for the water for the families.

School has the enrollment of over 600 but only 500 have reported which the school authority suspect that they are helping parent with fetching water.

The locals also told that the cases of diseases like dysentery, bilharzia, diarrhea, and stomach pains are common among the residents because they now rely on unclean water from swamps and open springs.

Geoffrey Opyet the Chairperson of Namokora Sub County revealed that his sub county has a total population of about 16,000 people but has a total of 9 boreholes, and out of the 9 boreholes, only 6 are functional.

Opyet however confirmed that Pugoda west parish has a population of about 9,000 people but it has only two functional boreholes which he said is inadequate.

He asked the water department in the district to access the situation and find workable solutions to the problems since they were incapacitated to get one million to rectify the three broken boreholes in Pugoda west parish.

He further called upon the developing partners to lay a helping hand so that the broken boreholes can be fixed.

Willy Picho Kitgum District water officer admitted that his office had received a written request from the office of the Namokora chairperson in January this year.

He however pledged to send the plumber to seek and rehabilitate these broken boreholes in Namokora.

Kitgum district has plans of drilling only three boreholes in a financial year 2021/ 2022

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