By Moses Alinda

ARUA: Konyi war victims in west nile on Monday morning demonstrated against the delayed compensation.

The demonstrators were in the procession heading to the office of the Mayor and Arua resident city commissioner to demand an explanation as to why their compensation has been delayed and yet the other regions are being compensated.

Police intercepted them as they were almost reaching the mayor’s garden and tried to chase them away but the team of aged women and men were determined.

Jude Nasucha the division police commander told the demonstrators to leave since they were carrying out unlawful demonstrations or else they would be dispersed with teargas and others.

He further called the FFU team to disperse the demonstrators. ‘’Disperse the demonstrators,’’ he told the FFU team.

But the demonstrators, most of whom are in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, vowed to be killed by police, most of them saying they had already been killed by Konyi so this will be their last funeral rite.

They slept on the ground ready to be shot by police.

The District Police Commander was left stranded on which decision to take until other stakeholders intervened and allowed them to proceed to mayors’ garden for dialogue.

This paralyzed work at Arua city council for more than two hours.

The demonstrators further expressed their grievances saying that they needed their money for compensation and were tired and not ready to listen to any other promise.

They also accused their political leaders for neglecting them since the start of the struggle.

By press time there was no any single political leader or the Resident city commissioner present to talk to the demonstrators.

It took the intervention of the deputy director general ISO General Taban Amin to calm the situation.

While addressing the demonstrators Taban said the demonstrators should be calm as he communicates to the office of the president.

He said if other regions are being compensated west nile should also be compensated and promised to handle the issue.

Matua Alex, the chairperson of Konyi war victims, confirmed that he had talked to the president and the president is willing to handle the issue.

In a phone call the president said he has never received any document concerning West Nile Konyi war victims. He ordered Matua to resend the documents to his office through Gen Taban Amin.

However Matua said they are giving an ultimatum of two weeks and if nothing is done they will camp at parliament for hunger strike.

Konyi war victims have tried various interventions to be paid among which in the recent general elections they agreed to unanimously not vote, in March last year Konyi war victims dragged government to court but later decided to withdraw the case in May with the aim of giving room for negotiations

In December last year government through ministry of defence sent members from the chieftaincy of military intelligence to verify documentary evidence of the victims for further management

Over 1000 Konyi war victims are demanding 99 billion from the government for compensation of lives and property lost during the lord’s resistance army insurgency in northern Uganda.

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