By George Emuron

KUMI: Following the internal fight between the Kumi Muslim executive council and the district Kadhi Sheik Abdul Wahab which erupted due to misunderstanding, Uganda Muslim supreme council has halted its activities in the district.

The joint committee which comprises the Executive Committee members and the College of Sheiks presented held a council meeting recently chaired by Abdallah Ebokorait in Kumi Township primary school and resolved to suspend the district Kadhi out of the office.

According to Abdallah Ebokorait, the Chairperson of the Council during the recent meeting said that the Mufti of Uganda should appoint a new Kadhi.

The district Kadhi Sheik Abdul Wahab was accused of allegedly promoting disunity among Muslims, Embezzling funds, and disrespect among others.

However, it’s upon this back ground that the Uganda Muslim supreme council directed the district Kadhi with immediate effect to halt all Kumi Muslim council activities for a period of two weeks as the supreme council intervenes.

According to the letter dated on 2nd, May, 2022 signed by Hon secretary general Ramazathan Mugalu directed the district Kadhi to halt all the district council activities based on their resolutions until the head quarter team which is expected to visit Kumi in two weeks’ time of May 2022.

District Kadhi Sheik Abdul Wahab upon receiving the letter urged fellow Muslims to be curb and continue to pray for peace and unity.

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