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GULU: Elderly Rosalina Oyella who last week attracted  crowds at Gulu High  Court after trekking 73 kilometers  has again reportedly trekked the same distance to her remote  Ceri village,  Pogo sub county Amuru district.

The grandmother reportedly left back to Amuru after attending for only two court sessions due to financial constraint since she wasn’t able to accommodate herself in Gulu City for a while.

Oyella who was talking to ugreports on phone interview narrated that it is better for her to vanish back to Amuru than suffering in the uncomfortable city.

Moses Rackara 26, one of Thomas Kwoyello’s elderly sons who have constantly stayed with her grandmother Oyella, told ugreports on Thursday that he escorted his grandmother to the village on a two days walk.

“We left the city in the morning and slept in Pabo town council Amuru district in the hand of the well-wisher then continued with the hard journey on Friday through God’s mercy we reached Ceri at night because elderly Oyella was then struggling to complete the miles home,” Rackara explained.

Elderly grandmother reportedly reached Ceri village while looking tiresome, pale, exhausted with a large round wound in her foot sustained as a result of moving long distance; however she is undergoing local treatment through the use of local herbs.

Rackara said he then resumed to Gulu city earlier this week to continue with the remaining court days and see the way of transporting her follower John Opototap 22 who also has a wound in the foot.

The two boys narrated to ugreports their plights while sitting at Gulu High Court premises saying as soon as their grandmother left, a dilemma emerged.  Citing that being a stranger no one is giving them basic necessities such as food, water accommodation and shelter

John Opototap said he has bathed only twice with unclean water stagnate in one of the wide pits he found near the dilapidated hut  they were taking shelter in, located in Layibi centre A and B in Bardege Layib division.

Due to no financial support the two boys further revealed that they have been forced to feed on mangoes they are picking from the compound of the well wishers

Opototap has sustained wounds in his feet after trekking for 73 kilometers and the plan to go back home on foot is what he described as being unconsidered by the government.

As the family of the accused family were optimistic that the international crime division court may facilitate them to attend their father’s trial.

“If the witnesses are being facilitated so why not us” he wondered.

They however pleaded to the government to provide them with a motorcycle to enable them transport themselves to the court and give them upkeep allowances during court proceedings.

We also demand the government to pay for our school fees because we still want to continue with study but our father who would have been paying for our school fee is arrested and being tried slowly.

The International Crimes Division (ICD) is trying former Lord’s Resistance Army-LRA rebel commander Thomas Kwoyelo alias Latoni for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Kwoyelo is facing 93 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity he allegedly committed in Pabbo in Amuru District between 1995 and 2005.

His trial commenced in 2018 but took a break for nearly two years following the outbreak of COVID-19 before resuming in March this year in Kampala.

Since Monday, Kwoyelo has appeared before the ICD Judges Michael Elubu, Duncan Gaswaga, and Stephen Mubiru for his trial hearing at the Gulu High Court in Gulu City.

The hearing has taken nearly two week and a total of 11 prosecution witnesses have testified since Wednesday and have already been cross-examined.

Thomas Kwoyelo 52, is the first LRA rebel commander to face trial in the country.

He was captured in 2008, and first appeared before the ICD in 2011.

He has been detained at Luzira Maximum Prison for at least 14 years since he was posted there in 2009.

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