The team arrived in Hoima City yesterday and took part in surveying land at Bulera Core PTC.

By Ronald Kundu

KIRYANDONGO: A team of the Bunyoro University taskforce management committee and a team from the ministry of land, housing, and urban development have started the program of evaluation of pieces of land offered for the construction of the Bunyoro Public University.

Prior to this activity, on May 26, 2023, there was the nomination of a team from the Ministry of Land, Housing, and Urban Development.

On June 21, 2023, there was an entry meeting of the lands ministry, Bunyoro University taskforce, and ministry of Education and sports officials. Relevant local governments were informed as a way of mobilizing and sensitizing them on the land acquisition issue for the establishment of the University.

The team arrived in Hoima City yesterday and took part in surveying land at Bulera Core PTC. The lands to be visited include:

  1. Land of Bulera Core PTC Hoima City: 43 acres
  2. Dr. Wamani’s land at Buhimba-Hoima is 100 acres.
  3. Land at Kihonda-Masindi (100 acres)
  4. Land at Uganda Cooperative College, Kigumba (100 acres)
  5. Land at Birembo War Memorial Technical Institute, Kakumiro (10 acres)
  6. Land at Nakuyazo Forestry Reserve (3.48 sq km)
  7. Land at the Busana site for China Communications Construction Company-Kibaale town (66 acres)

The main activities that will be carried out will include mobilization and sensitization of local leaders, confirmation of area and ownership, opening of boundaries of land with titles, making surveys of land, establishing the feasibility and evaluation of land and assets, determining the suitability of land for the university, and preparing a report by the team from the ministry of lands.

The team, comprising physical planners, surveyors, valuers, a university taskforce, and a team from the education ministry, will take nine days until July 13th, then hand over the report to the permanent secretary at the ministry of education and sports on July 28th, 2023.

The president had initially directed the construction of Bunyoro Public University at Uganda Cooperative College Kigumba, but after some scuffles on the centrality of the university, the 2021–2026 Bunyoro parliamentary caucus agreed on the idea of the collegiate model system, where the nucleus will be in Hoima and two branches in greater Kibaale and greater Masindi.

According to the Taskforce Management Committee established to oversee the operationalization of the institution, the Bunyoro University of Earth and Applied Sciences will, upon becoming functional, have campuses in greater Hoima (the main campus), greater Kibaale, and greater Masindi.

It is proposed that the Hoima campus will host Health science, science education, and petrochemicals; the Kibaale Campus will host Agricultural and Environmental sciences; and Greater Masindi will be the center for Technology and Petroleum Engineering.

It is also planned that Bunyoro University will have different innovation hubs for promoting commercialization and value addition based on natural resources.

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