By Daniel Nsengimana

KABALE: Leaders in Kabale district, western Uganda have asked the government to introduce special wards for the elderly people in government health facilities across the country.

The call was made during the celebrations for the first annual World Hospice Palliative day care held organized by Kabale Christian Care   in Northern Division, Kabale Municipality recently.

The celebrations were held under a theme “healing hearts and communities”.

Moses Akampurira, the Senior Community Development Officer {SCDO}, who is also in charge older and people with disabilities in Kabale district revealed that older persons In Uganda are weak, terminally ill and need special attention and yet when they visit   the health facilities there are no special wards allocated to them.

Akampulira added that this leaves them to be attended to in the wards where there are other age groups  including teenagers urging  that  if resources can  permit, government should create special wards for  them starting at health centre (iii) to  hospital level.

However Akampurira hailed the SAGE program that government introduced that he said is helping the elderly persons most of whom needy.


He requested the government to enact a law that will compel the   children to look after their parents and refund the property that their parents sell off while caring and educating them.

Ester Doreen Namono, a nurse working with Kabale Christian Care revealed that  they provide services to older people suffering from cancer, diabetes ,stress, hypertension among other illnesses  in addition to visiting them in  their homes.

Kabale Christian Care provides home- based care to the terminally ill patients and their families with the aim of reducing the pain and the stress caused by the disease through regular visits, counselling and psychosocial support.

It also advocates for the older persons and increasing awareness and knowledge on palliative care.

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