By Pascal Onega

BULIISA: The Buliisa District LCV Chairperson Fred Lukumu has urged the residents of Buliisa district to embrace the formation of Bagungu Cultural Institution commonly known as Butebengwa

Lukumu wonders why some people have gone astray on sharing negative ideas on the formation of the cultural institution.

‘’We should change our minds and embrace the formation of the Butebengwa Cultural Institution for the benefit of the people of Buliisa,’’ he urged.

He also urged fellow politicians to always undermine people’s negative alternatives towards the development of Buliisa. ‘’We should give deaf ears to those who are against the development of the oil rich Buliisa district,’’ Lukumu said.

According to Sharif Aguma the Secretary for Publicity Bugungu Cultural Revival Association, Bagungu Culture has been eroded and he hopes that once they establish their own cultural institution, they will be able to revive it.

He also explains that though they will remain in the greater Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, they will be independent since they will have their own cultural leader.

‘’We have different cultures like traditional dances, dressing code, food staple and many others which differ them from the Banyoro,’’ he said.

Aguma also told that the secession will create unity through the clan heads, protect the cultural norms of Bagungu and also develop the oil rich Buliisa district.

‘’We have already composed the anthem for the cultural institution, designed the coat of arms, flag and they are planning to draft the constitution that will govern the cultural institution,’’ he said.

In a recent interview with, Rt. Hon. Andrew Byakutaga the Prime Minister of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom said that there is no need for the Bagungu to break off rather unite for the development of Bunyoro.

‘’Since we have been working together, there is no need for Bagungu to secede from Bunyoro, we should work together for the development of Bunyoro rather than dividing ourselves,’’

Byakutaga also asserted that they are ready to sit on the round table and solve their challenges rather than seceding from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

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