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By Obed Kithende

KASESE: A mother of twins who was brought to deliver at, Mt. St. Mary’s hospital in Kasese Municipality has come out to the public to request for support after allegedly being abandoned by her husband.

According to Ms. Kellen  Ndangali while at Katwe Health center three, she was referred to a better facility since Katwe H/CIII could not manage her case, after being transferred, she says she got stuck and was only again rescued by the Nurses who collected for her money that could transport her from Katwe to Kasese town.

Ms. Ndanagali 39, a resident of Kakoni Cell in Katwe Kabatoro town council Busongora County south is said that on November 04 this year, she was brought to the facility by a taxi.

She also narrates that on reaching Mt. St. Mary’s Hospital; she was operated on and gave birth to a set of twins, a baby boy and a girl.

Since the date of birth no relatives have shown up and Ndangali and her twins are being cared for by the hospital and the other patients in the maternity ward.

Now Ngangali who is now a mother of twins with a disability on the arm and the leg, is calling upon civil society organizations to come to her rescue saying that due to the disability she has, she is unable to take care of the twins on top of the husband abandoning her at the facility, and that the husband is a drunkard and always beat her up while at home.


Ms. Ndangali adds Emily Akanpulira, the nurse who is currently taking care of Ndangali at the health facility, says the twin mothers’ conditions are steadily improving.

Rev. Sr. Annet Timbigamba the martinet ward in charge says currently as the health facility they are preparing to discharge but there worry was that Ms. Ndangali may not manage to take care of the twins and the other four children that she left in the care of the neighbors when she was brought at the facility.

According to the in charge, the hospital bills stand at 315,000 shillings for the medications and the operation charges.

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