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NAIROBI: A man identified as Alex Omondi has gone viral on the internet after handing himself to police requesting officers to arrest him because he had nowhere to sleep, according to

“I don’t have a place to sleep. My house has been closed by the landlord. So I am here because the police motto is Service to All,” Omondi stated.

When asked by the cops what sort of help he needed, Omondi proposed that he be thrown into the cells for shelter since he had been evicted by his landlord and had no-where to run to except a police cell.

He added that the officers would decide whether to release him the following morning or take him to court for whatever charges they preferred.

Given that he had not committed any crime, the police officers found it difficult to grant his not-so-common request.

When the cops remained adamant that cells are for criminals and not innocent people, Omondi requested an empty desk to sit on. “Or is there a flag hoisted somewhere that I can lower so that you find something to arrest me for?” he pestered.

It remains unclear where the cops finally heeded his plea, but there is a need for him to get helped to get back on his feet.


Omondi’s case is a representation of the troubles Kenyans are growing through as the economy slumps and inflation rates continue rising.

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