A case of murder and aggravated defilement was subsequently filed against him.

By Van Deguras

RUKUNGIRI: Residents of Bikurungu town cell in Rukungiri district were left in shock after a 30-year-old man, Ramadhan Tumwebonire, killed his 27-year-old wife, Emilly Kyarikunda.

The incident occurred after Tumwebonire was confronted about allegations of defiling his 13-year-old biological daughter.

On June 8, 2023, at approximately 5:00 p.m., Ramadhan Tumwebonire was accused of sexually assaulting his daughter, who is a student at Centenary Primary School.

The mother, Emilly Kyarikunda, a businesswoman, had sent the daughter to cut banana leaves to prepare food. It is alleged that after the incident, Tumwebonire instructed his daughter not to disclose what had transpired to anyone.

Upon Kyarikunda’s return home, she was informed of the incident by her daughter, and filled with anger, she confronted her husband about the defilement.

The couple moved to their rented room, leaving the victim and their maternal aunt, Shillah, who had come to visit from Ruhinda Sub County, in the eating room.

At around 10:00 p.m., Tumwebonire returned to the eating room to collect the children. When Shillah inquired about the whereabouts of the sister, Tumwebonire claimed to be unaware. 

This raised suspicion, prompting Shillah to check their rented room, where she discovered the lifeless body of the sister.

Shillah immediately informed their neighbor, Paddy Ashaba, who arrived at the scene, and Tumwebonire was arrested and handed over to the Bikurungu Police Post.

A case of murder and aggravated defilement was subsequently filed against him.

The Kigezi region police spokesperson, ASP Elly Maate, confirmed the incident and said the crime scene was visited, examined, and documented.

Maate said the lifeless body was taken to Rwakabengo Health Centre III for a post-mortem examination, while the defilement victim was examined at Rukungiri Police Health Centre III.

The police officer added that the case of murder by strangulation and aggravated defilement has been registered at the Bikurungu Police Station with reference number RRI CRB 800/2023, adding that the investigations into the incident have kicked off.

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