Security says the youth have taken advantage of the insecurity to cause havoc in the area.

By Christopher Nyeko

KITGUM: Security in Kitgum district has arrested a man who has been masquerading as a Karamonjong cattle rustler to loot people’s property in the area.

The suspect is Oryem Patrick, resident of Cwaa-Palucila village in Namokora sub county who was arrested in Omiya Anyima Sub County, Kitgum district.

Geoffrey Opyet, the Namokora sub county LCIII Chairperson says  Oryem together with other  boys still at large have been masquerading as Karamojong cattle rustlers and  looting property  such as clothes, produce, livestock , solar panel among other valuables and  sell them  in the local markets.

Oryem, who has been at large since 28th August 2023 after reportedly breaking into several houses in Pager cell in Namokora town, was arrested on Thursday afternoon.

The imposter was found in possession of a bicycle he had stolen from Lapana Cell, a hammer, iron bars and knives that he has been suspectedly using to break into people’s houses.

He is currently being detained at Omiya Anyima police post.

Upon interrogation by security Oryem, reportedly confessed to having stolen a bicycle from Lapana and breaking into several houses in Pella where he stole several valuables.

The local leaders in the area affected by Karamojong cattle rustling have severally accused a section of local youth of masquerading as the Karamojong cattle rustlers to loot household property, livestock among items.

Some of these masqueraders have been apprehended by Security and later confessed to having looted several animals.

Last month, Wokorach Jimmy and Lugone Pa Ericko, both  residents of Namokora sub county were released from 5th division infantry headquarters in Acol-pii, Pader district after they were in April intercepted and arrested by security with a stolen herd of cattle.

Security says the youth have taken advantage of the insecurity to cause havoc in the area.

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