The victim was seen desperately leaving the compound naked.

By Our Reporter

MASINDI: A video clip is going viral on social media of a man who has been stripped and undressed on allegations of stealing items from house and accessing it without authorization.

The incident that went viral today (Saturday) is suspected to have been recorded in Masindi district since the suspect and the victim were speaking Lunyoro, a local dialect.

It’s reported that the viral video clip was recorded in Kijura trading center, and the victim is a common man in Masindi town.

The suspect, allegedly identified as Mr. Karungi Mustafa, was seen in the viral video handing over his phone to a yet-to-be identified person to record the video while stripping the victim, only identified as Conrad.

According to the conversation, it seems Mr. Conrad is employed by Mr. Karungi.

In the same video clip, Mr. Karungi was asking Mr. Conrad whether he didn’t pay him, dress him, or provide food for him.

‘’Don’t I pay you? Don’t I give you clothes? Don’t I give you food? Mr. Karungi questioned Mr. Conrad in the viral video clip.

After stripping the victim, Mr. Karungi forced the victim to undress before apologizing on camera. ‘’Can you apologize on camera, or I will bring for you my panga,’’ he directed the victim.

After apologizing, Mr. Karungi ordered the victim to leave his compound undressed. ‘’Leave my compound right now; I don’t want to see you. Go… or else I bring for you my panga,’’ he ordered.

The victim was seen desperately leaving the compound naked.

UGReports couldn’t establish what the victim had stolen from Mr. Karungi’s house, but Mr. Karungi was heard questioning why the victim had accessed his house without authorization.

Our reporters are already on the ground to establish what exactly happened.

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