By Christopher Nyeko

NWOYA: In just one month, mange outbreak in Oyenya village in Panyabona Parish Alero Sub County in Nwoya district has claimed lives of over ten dogs and thousands suffering from the pandemic.

While in an interview with, Kilam Charles the Oyenya village chairperson revealed that the pandemic hit their area last year in September when their dogs missed vaccination against rabbis, mange among others adding that for last two years, their dogs have missed being  vaccinated.

Mange is skin disease in dogs caused by mites and if not well managed it perish dogs. Signs of the disease include; loss of appetite for food, stunt growth, falls off of hair follicles leading to death.

Jennifer Ocen, a resident told that she has witnessed her two dogs becoming weak and dizzy and no longer barking.

The resident also disclosed that her dogs no longer have appetite for food. ‘’I have never tried to treat this disease as we have not frequently been advised by the veterinary officer,’’ she asserted.

Peter Obal asserted that there is security threat at his home after losing four dogs out of five to the disease noting that there is space for intruders.

According to Acholi tradition, dogs are kept for hunting, security and petting hence people of Onyona have embarked on rearing at least two to five dogs in their homes.

Justin Ojara the Alero sub county chairperson said he has no knowledge about vaccination of the dogs in his sub county as he claims that he is still new in office.

He however advised the locals to report the outbreak of any strange disease to the sub county so that the agricultural extension workers can take the step.

Okwir James the Nwoya district veterinary officer said his office has not received any complaint about the outbreak of mange but he pledged to direct the sub county veterinary officer to investigate if the conditions presented by these dogs are mange.

He advised the locals to report any new outbreak to the responsive offices so the necessary step is taken.

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