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MASINDI: The former Masindi Municipality Member of Parliament Aspirant Kanti Rogers {NUP} says that Norbert Mao has betrayed Ugandans.

In a special interview with www.ugreports.com Thursday evening, Kanti said that Ugandans have lost trust in the Democratic Party President Nobert Mao.

According to a one paged letter dated 21st July 2022 and signed by the President Museveni that www.ugreports.com saw earlier today, President Museveni appointed Mao as the minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs

His appointment came just a day after Democratic Party signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Resistance Movement.

Kanti says that Mao crossing to NRM is very absurd and he should know that Ugandans have lost trust in him. ‘’Mao’s appointment wasn’t a surprise to Ugandans since he has on several times met the country’s president,’’ he adds.

‘’I saw this coming because Mao has for several times met President Museveni, but he should know that Ugandans have lost trust in him,’’ he further adds.

According to Kanti, President Museveni targets the top opposition leaders to weaken the opposition in the country. ‘’We didn’t know that Mao was green outside but yellow inside, he has truly betrayed Ugandans,’’ he notes.

‘’As oppositions we have forgiven him, but we are regretting the time we wasted with him in the opposition, but time will come and we will get rid of such opposition leaders,’’ he added.

Speaking about the state of opposition in Uganda, Norbert Mao said that anyone can meet President Museveni and present their case, adding that it can be done in open.

‘’I’m calling some political party leaders for their hypocrisy because they are engaged in secret talks with the ruling NRM, they receive funds from the same party but they want to pretend that they can never talk with the junta,’’ Mao says.

Mao says that right now he has all the information of some political parties which are supposed to be deregistered because they have forged documents.

‘’Uganda needs a reality check of talking to each other, but right now it’s politically incorrect to be seen standing with President Museveni, are we leaders or followers,’’ he wonders.

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