By Innocent Atuganyira

KAMPALA: The Democratic Party {DP} President Norbert Mao has disclosed that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni approached and wanted to appoint him last year in November.

According to him, he requested the ruling party president to give him time for consultation. ‘’President Museveni wanted to appoint me last year in November, I however told him to give me ample time for consultation,’’ he said.

Mao who was appearing on the NBS Frontline on Thursday said that his appointment as the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs wasn’t accidental and hoped most Ugandans are happy.

‘’It’s important that the office I have been appointed to is not permanent or a job, the door is open for anyone, anytime I will leave and another person will take over,’’ he said.

According to the DP President, signing a deal is not a dirty game but for a peaceful transition of power. ‘’There should not be a shade of blood over power transition,’’ he said.

‘’I’m grateful that I have been appointed the minister for justice and constitutional affairs, we have not stopped others from approaching President Museveni, we have ideas of changing the government,’’ he said.


The politician explained that people have been crossing from one political party to another. He says it’s better to defect in broad daylight than meeting President Museveni in secret.

‘’My mind is settled on what we agreed in the memorandum of understanding and I hope it’s for the good of this country,’’ he added.

According to the former leader of opposition in the parliament of Uganda Winnie Kiiza, Mao’s defection has left Democratic Party unstable.

She asserted that President Museveni’s pride is in weakening the opposition parties. ‘’He is now dealing with individuals instead of political parties, his pride is to weaken the opposition political parties,’’ Kiiza said.

‘’It’s sad for some of us who have been waiting for the peaceful power transition to pass,’’ she added.

According to Kiiza, President Museveni will not allow Mao to come with his intentions to the ruling NRM government.

Ofwono Opondo, the government spokesperson congratulated Norbert Mao for defecting to the ruling NRM government saying that he made the right decision.

According to Opondo, they will peacefully hand over power to another political party once they lose elections. ‘’If another political party wins the presidential election, there will be a peaceful transition of power,’’ he said.

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