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GULU: The Pentecostal born again churches in Acholi sub region have Thursday turn-up for the prayer service for the speaker of the parliament of Uganda Rt Hon. Jacob Oulanyah who has been in his sick bed for half a year.

The prayer service was organized by James Ocan the overseer of the born again Pentecostals churches in Acholi sub region.

Ocan said the prayers were symbolic of paying visit to his sick bed explaining now that Oulanyah is in the USA for treatment.

The preacher said it is now the right time for Ugandans to show love and care for the speaker of the parliament during his trying moment.

”We should be praying for our political, civil, cultural and religious leaders for better health and gift of wisdom,” he noted.

Oulanyah was reportedly flown out of the country after he was discharged from Mulago National Referral Hospital where he was getting treatment.

According to the reports published in Uganda media shows that the government has spent over 1.7 Billion shilling for airlifting Jacob Oulanyah for further treatment.

Upon his arrival at United States of America DC Washington where he was admitted at Seattle, the group of the Ugandan in Diaspora who allegedly subscribe to national unity platform (NUP) was protesting from outside the hospital demanding the American government not to treat Oulanyah describing him as Uganda dictator whose together with tyrants Museveni have paralysed the Uganda health care system.

This protest was on Monday the 15 this month described as witch dancing by the Democratic Party President General Norbert Mao who talked from Northern Uganda Media Club in Gulu city.

Mao literally said African culture does not allow people to quarrel with their enemies if He or She (THEY) is (are) in bad condition such as death, sickness but is advisable for the conflicting parties to temporally order for cease fire.

Mao however challenged the Acholi Parliamentary Group (AGP) who had recently launched the campaign to refund the alleged 1.7 Billion of shilling spent by the government to airlift Oulanyah.

He revealed that he had been to the Oulanyah’s family where he found Oulanyah at his home waiting for the dead to come and take him.

“Oulanyah did not request for money from the government to pay for his health care. If NUP are demanding for accountability then they are to wait for the rightful time but not at this time, this is night dancing” Mao rebuked.

The National Unity Platform (NUP) are the one heading the Public Account Committee of the parliament, the time will come where they will probe the government for accountability.

Mao further advised the members of the parliament to ask the government to publish the list of all the people who were taken abroad for the treatment rather than relying on only Oulanyah.

He discloses frankly that Francis Zakke, Robert Kagulanyi Sentamu allies, Bobi wine the NUP president, Rabeca Kadaga and other agencies relying on these people have been taken out of the country for better treatment.

Denis Lakwonyero Ocen who attended the prayer today proposed that when Oulanyah comes back from the USA from his treatment, the prayer must be organised to give thanks to the mighty God for protecting him.

Ketty Lamunu the NRM treasury from Omoro District who also attended the prayer service revealed that people from Omoro County where Oulanyah represents are very heart broken following the misinformation circulating in social media announcing that Oulanyah is dead.

She pledges to inform her people to be patient as their area Member of Parliament is recovering steadily.

Sekondo Okot Abok the NUP moralizer in Northern Uganda revealed that NUP is also praying for speaker of the parliament of Uganda Rt Hon. Jacob Oulanyah to recover quickly citing that he is the brother and the national leader who serve both National and international duty with a lot of influence
However Abok pledged that the struggle for power by the political opposition parties in the country will continues

During the service, the numbers of the faithful who turn up for the prayer managed to raised at least 1.2 million shilling which will be wired to Oulanyah’s family who is bed ridden and the money will be used for buying him necessities.

Francis Rwotlonyo Odoke the Deputy Resident City Commission Gulu City warned that what NUP did could trigger tribal war and divisionism in the country.

Rwotlonyo however advised the people to learn on how to show love to their neighbour sand rallied Uganda to be their neighbour watch as bible preaches.


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