By Pascal Onega

BULIISA: The construction of Masindi – Biiso road which commenced in 2019 is expected to be completed next year, according to the UNRA Project Engineer.

In 2019, the government of Uganda contracted China Railway Seventh Group Co. Ltd to construct five of the critical oil roads including Masindi – Biiso road. China Railway Seventh Group Co. Ltd further sub contracted STC which is constructing the said road.

In exclusive interview with Thursday evening, Ashraf Tayebwa the Uganda National Roads Authority {UNRA} Project engineer said the activities of tarmacing a 47kilometer Masindi – Biiso road was supposed to be completed this year but due to some delays and challenges, it is expected to be completed in January next year.

He notes that among the delays and challenges includes delayed land acquisition due to absentee land owners, family conflicts over compensations, delayed payment by the government to contractors among many others have contributed to the delay of the completion of the road.

The Project engineer further urged the community members to cooperate with the contractors and let the project progress so that they benefit after completion.

Patrick Ayesiga, a resident of Biiso trading centre says that following the completion of Hoima – Wanseko road, link buses extended their services to the oil rich Buliisa district.


‘’I believe once Masindi – Biiso road is also completed, other companies will extend their services to Buliisa, thus development,’’ he added.

According to Harriet Kobusinge, a resident of Kabango trading centre in Masindi district, once the road is completed, it will smoothen the movement of goods from the two districts.

‘’We have the challenge of transport due to the bad road, I believe once the road is completed, it will ease transportation of goods,’’ she said.

Costing about $600m (Shs2.2 trillion), the critical oil roads are one of the largest infrastructure projects the country is undertaking as it gears up for oil production.

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