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MASINDI: Councillors in Masindi district have rejected the approval of 19,140,000shs covid19 funds; the rejection was made on Tuesday evening in the council sitting held at the district chambers.
Speaking in the council sitting, Simon Byaruhanga, the male district councillor noted that according to the rule of counting, they are supposed to approve the receipt of the money which they have already received, the councillor wondered why they were approving money they haven’t received.

Timothy a councillor representing Budongo sub county also rejected the approval citing that Ms.

Fiona Sanyu the Chief Administrative Officer who is supposed to advise them wants to put them into trouble, noting them they are supposed to approve the money they have received.
Audio: Councillors reject approval of money.

Ms. Fiona Sanyu the Chief Administrative Officer Masindi district had asked the councillors to approve the money saying that though they haven’t received it on the district account, the ministry of health promised to send it before 28th of this month to ensure health workers are paid.

The supervisor of civil servants told council members that she never wanted to have the issues of medics striking over unpaid money and that’s why she wanted the council to approve the fund so that health workers can be paid once money is received.

However, Moses Kirya the Speaker Masindi district said they will have extra ordinary council sitting once the money is received, he told the council members that in the same council meeting they will approve the money.

Speaking to councillors after the council sitting, Mathias Tendo the councillor representing Pakanyi sub county said that once they receive the money they will have extra ordinary sitting and approve the money.

Everlyn Ayebale the Male district councillor said the motion was supposed to go through the right committee for approval before being taken to the council for approval rather than being ambushed.

Cosmas Byaruhanga the Masindi district chairperson told our reporter it’s very unfortunate that the council rejected the approval of the money, citing that it has been abruptly without clear consideration, analysis of the budget. Byaruhanga said that as a district, they followed the procedure because they have notification though they haven’t received the money the activity was supposed to go on in order to catch-up with the schedule.

The district chairperson also said they had passed it in the executive meeting, adding that budget doesn’t mean money, but a plan of spending it. He adds that the ministry of health has already committed that this money is coming before 28th of this month.
Byaruhanga said they wanted the money to be approved since they want many people to get vaccinated before the reopening of schools next year, he prays the rejection to approve the money doesn’t affect the vaccination exercise since the medics haven’t ben paid.

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