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MASINDI: Masindi district council has joined the list of districts  in Bunyoro region that have passed  resolutions rejecting the planned succession of Bagungu from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

Masindi district passed the resolution  during its sitting chaired by speaker Moses Kiirya on Thursday.

The private  member’s   motion was tabled by  Pascal Businge, the councilor representing Kigulya division and seconded by several councilors.

This comes at a time when the Bagungu in Buliisa district are pushing for their secession from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom  citing marginalisation and erosion of their culture.

Innocent Awungi, the councilor for  Bulima town council, while seconding Businge’s motion said  there is no need and justification  for the Bagungu to secede from Bunyoro Kingdom  since they have lived in harmony with it for decades.

”Mr. Speaker, I don’t support the planned  secession because Bagungu have lived in harmony with the Kingdom, some even  hold offices in the Kingdom,” Awungi said.


The district  male youth councillor Simon Byaruhanga also backed Businge’s motion arguing  that  the Bagungu have happily lived in the Kingdom.

”Mr. Speaker, I don’t support the secession because we have lived in harmony with the Bagungu, and they are all over Bunyoro,” he asserted.

On his part, Goodman Farouk, the councillor for  Nyangahya division   called for dialogue between the Bagungu and Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom in order to resolve their grievances instead of seceding.

He noted  that it is not only Buliisa that has been marginalized by the Kingdom.

”Masindi has been also marginalized, the kingdom has concentrated on the Hoima people leaving out other subjects, we are not happy and that’s why the Bagungu want to secede,” he said.

The  Kingdom’s  Communications Manager Francis Mugerwa who attended  the council dismissed the claims of marginalisation by the Bagungu saying  the Kingdom treats all its districts equally.

He revealed that whenever there are opportunities  in the Kingdom,they are  publicly announced and the  suitable candidates are picked from different districts that form it.

”We consider all districts in Bunyoro whenever  there  are opportunities. In fact Buliisa has  five ministers in the current Kingdom’s  cabinet, the biggest number  compared to the  other districts in the Kingdom,” he said.

Mugerwa  disclosed that they have tried to engage the Bagungu over  their  planned secession but without  success which he  blamed on what he termed as a few individuals who are agitating for the secession for their own benefits.

After a lengthy debate, the matter was later subjected to a vote by  speaker  Kiirya  during which the councilors  unanimously voted against the planned  Bugungu secession from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

The other districts in the Kingdom that have  passed similar  resolutions rejecting the planned Bagungu secession include  Kakumiro, Kibaale, Kikuube, Hoima City.

It is expected the remaining districts in the Kingdom will do a similar thing.

Who are Bagung
The Bagungu are an indigenous tribe native to Uganda and totaling around 83,986, according to the 2014 population census.
They are the dominant in Buliisa district and spread  in Hoima, Masindi districts and other parts of  western.

The Bagungu are fishermen, farmers and hunters.

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