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MASINDI: Yesterday at around 07:30pm, fire reportedly broke-out at Lumumba Dormitory at Kabalega secondary school in Masindi district.

Andrew Tumwesige the school headteacher told journalists this afternoon that the main cause of outbreak was short circuit.


He also told journalists that he was informed by students and they got fire extinguishers and put off the fire within 30 minutes before spreading to other parts.

”In fact it was sparkling and smoke, and main cause was short circuit, the fire was put off within 30 minutes, and no property was destroyed nor any causality registered,” he noted.

Tumwesige also asserted that he contacted the police which responded within


short time but by the time they arrived, they had already put off the fire.

”When they arrived, they did assessment and confirmed it was loose wire that connected thus short circuit, we are doing everything possible to ensure the problem is sorted,” he said.

The headteacher notes that the dormitory has been disconnected from power, and the technician are working around the clock to ensure its solved.


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