By Innocent Atuganyira

MASINDI:  Masindi main hospital in Masindi district is likely to miss some funds from government over alleged poor service delivery.

This has been revealed by the district Chairperson Cosmas Byaruhanga during a public accountability forum also known as ‘’Baraza’’ organised by CAO and RDC’s offices at the hospital on Monday.

Byaruhanga said that Masindi is on the list of poorly performing hospitals in the country that the ministry of health has compiled and is likely to miss government funding because of that.

Byaruhanga cited accountability and poor service delivery as some of the issues that the ministry has identified at the hospital.

‘’Masindi hospital was implicated by the ministry of health, and is likely to miss funding over a number of issues including failure to account for funds received and other issues,’’ Byaruhanga told the members.

The politician asserted that the hospital would receive a number of visitors from different government offices and departments including the State House Monitoring team, Inspectorate of Government, CID headquarters, State House Anti-Corruption Unit and the ministry of health.


‘’For the last couple of weeks we have been receiving a number of visitors from different government offices, and we are expecting more. Their coming relates to the situation at Masindi hospital,’’ Byaruhanga added.

The district LCV Chairperson asked the staff at the hospital to prepare themselves for the people who would visit the facility.

However the Resident District Commissioner Emmy Ngabirano told the members that he had been informed by Dr. Diana Atwine, the permanent secretary Ministry of Health that Masindi had been removed from the list of hospitals that had been implicated for poor service delivery.

‘’I have messages and audio clips from Dr. Diana Atwine confirming that Masindi hospital was removed from the list and had been  reinstated in  the system of the hospitals that will receive funding,’’ he said.

Ngabirano said that this followed the intervention of Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja and the members of parliament from Masindi district.

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