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Leaders in Masindi district are decrying over charging road users of Kisanja – Paara road, in Masindi Municipality, the road which leads to Murchison Falls connects the district to Westnile part of the country.
The issue was raised over the weekend when Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabanja the Prime Minister met different Masindi leaders at the Municipal headquarters.
Ronald Kyomuhendo Businge the Masindi Municipal Mayor said that the charging the road users is hindering development of Masindi district since business people opt to use Northern route yet Paara road is the nearest route from Westnile to Uganda’s Capital Kampala.
Kyomuhendo also noted that once charges along the said road charges are scraped off, it will boost the development of Masindi district.
Audio: Kyomuhendo on paara road
Responding to the issues, RT. Hon. Robinah Nabanja the Prime Minister of Uganda said that she has tried to communicate to the director of Uganda Wildlife Authority – UWA to to direct him to scrap off the charging Paara road users.
She noted that recently they also wanted to charge her team 300,000shs to cross to Pakwach adding that it’s a lot of money which cannot be afforded by local people.
The premiere also told Masindi leaders that the issue will be addressed in the cabinet to ensure the charges are scrapped off noting it’s a thorn on the citizens’ throat since it’s also hindering the development of the country.
‘’If they are operating business between the districts, why charge them, it’s a lot of money, an hindering the development of the country, therefore it should be scrapped off,’’ Nabanja said.

Audio: Nabanja on paara road

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