By Innocent Atuganyira

MASINDI: Authorities in Masindi district have started enforcing  the presidential directive on wetland encroachers.

The operation  that  is expected to be carried throughout the district, started in the Central division,  Masindi Municipality on Monday.

The Masindi Municipal Senior Environmental Officer Fred Kasigwa says following the presidential directive, they decided to start enforcing it first with Kinyabwara wetland   in the municipality before extending  it to the other parts of the district.

Kasigwa explained  that during the operation they will uproot crops and trees, especially calyptus that will be found in the wetland.

Kasigwa advised  those with trees in the wetlands to harvest them before the authorities  cut them  down during the operation . ”If they don’t harvest the trees before we shall not spare them,” he said.

The Resident District Commissioner Masindi Emmy Ngabirano warned  that they will  not spare anyone  during the operation.


”We have commenced enforcing  the presidential directive and we shall not leave any stone unturned. We gave them enough time to harvest their trees but they have kept a deaf ear,” he said.
Ngabirano disclosed that they will arrest the wetland  encroachers and prosecute them.

Recently president Museveni ordered the district leadership across the country to evict all the people from the wetlands in the renewed efforts of  protecting the environment in the country.

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