Mr. Kwezi said that leaders could not retain them at the abattoir since there were more allegations that the two had been practicing gay for a while.

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MASINDI: Two men have been expelled from working at the Masindi abattoir after they were allegedly caught red-handed practicing homosexuality recently.

The victims, identified as Zibulatudde, 44, and Muteweta, who is believed to be in his 30s, were expelled by the management of the abattoir that’s located in Masindi town behind Masindi Main Prison.

According to our sources, who preferred anonymity, the duo who were cleaners at the abattoir were found pants down, chewing themselves in one of the abattoir rooms.

‘’It’s true they were found red-handed in one of the abattoir rooms; their pants were down and they were chewing each other,’’ the source said.

Speaking to this online publication, Mr. Henry Kwezi, the chairman of the abattoir, said that upon learning about this scenario, they immediately called for an emergency meeting.

“During the indoor meeting, the victims denied the accusations as Muteweta claimed that his colleague just undressed him but they did not perform the act,” Mr. Kwezi said.

Despite the culprits denying the accusations, Mr. Kwezi said that leaders could not retain them at the abattoir since there were more allegations that the two had been practicing gay for a while.

‘’Though they denied the allegations, we couldn’t retain them since there have been allegations of the duo practicing gay for a while. We couldn’t tolerate such,’’ he said.

Mr. Kwezi asked people to desist from such acts, saying that they were against our culture and sins before God.

Our reporter couldn’t reach the accused by the time of publication since their known numbers were unavailable and we couldn’t trace their whereabouts.

The Masindi Municipality Mayor, Mr. Kyomuhendo Ronald Businge, acknowledged that the matter was reported to his office recently, thus condemning it since it’s uncultured.

‘’That issue was reported to my office recently; such people should be arrested. I condemn the act and ask the public not to tolerate such acts,’’ he said.

Bishop Bagonza Charles, the General Overseer of Pentecostal Churches of Uganda, condemned the act, saying that it was against biblical teaching and African culture.

The preacher who quoted the bible in the book of Leviticus 18:22 said that the bible warns about homosexuality and lesbianism.

Bishop Bagonza asked religious institutions to preach against homosexuality and lesbianism since it’s against Godly and African culture.

‘’We should keep sanity, and our culture let us preach against such acts and focus on Godly teaching. Let us adhere to the word of God and not worldly teaching,’’ he said.

He also asked parents to teach and counsel their children against immoral acts, saying they are against biblical teaching and African culture.

Early this month, the Muslim community in Arua City and Masindi district peacefully marched against the act of homosexuality and lesbianism in the country.

Last week, the Bugiri Municipality Member of Parliament, Hon. Basalirwa, tabled the Anti-Homosexuality Bill shortly after the Ministry of Finance issued the financial implication certificate for the same.

If passed into law, the bill seeks to criminalize homosexuality and set punishments for culprits, which include heavy fines and imprisonment.

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