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MASINDI: Parents and guardians in Masindi district have been challenged to take back their children to school a head of reopening of learning institutions. The call was sounded this afternoon by Richard Kasaija the head teacher of Green Valley Secondary School.

While interacting with UG Reports on how they are prepared to reopen the learning institutions, Kasaija said that parents should council and guide their children noting that they have taken long without attending classes which may demoralize them.

During this long lockdown, children have been engaged in different activities including cultivation, hawking vegetables and others which may demoralize them from reporting back to school. Due to the lockdown, some girl school going children have been impregnated, Kasaija further challenges parents to take back those children to school.

The head teacher explains that pregnant children also have a right to education and the ministry of education and sports also encouraged parents and school administrators to accept them back to school.  ‘’We are prepared, and ready to receive to all categories of children,’’ He told our reporter.

Kasaija asserted that his worry is that the children may not report back to school due to various challenges, he notes that parents and guardians, and leaders should join hands to ensure that the children report back to learning institutions.

As the whole country waits for the presidential address this evening, Kasaija says that they are hopeful President Museveni will reopen the learning institutions, he notes they have what it takes to resume classes. ‘’We have put in place the necessities of observing the standard operating procedures including the temp guns, washing facilities and others,’’ He noted.

The education specialist also told our reporter that they have created enough learning spaces for learners to maintain the social distance, and all their teachers have been vaccinated against the deadly corona virus pandemic. He has therefore asked parents and guardians to remember sending their children back to school with at least two face-masks and hand sanitizer for personal use.

Since all people have been economically affected by the outbreak of the deadly corona virus pandemic, Kasaija explains that they have not hiked the school fees structures to enable the parents take back their children to school.










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