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By Innocent Atuganyira

MASINDI: Ms Rose Kirabira Kobusinge the Resident District Commissioner {RDC}, and Ms Fiona Sanyu the Chief Administrative Officer {CAO} Masindi district have Monday evening drilled Patrick Baguma the Acting District Health Officer {ADHO} Masindi over poor service delivery, the complains arose in the meeting involving the in-charges of different health centre II’s and III’s. The meeting was held at Country Inn Hotel.

This followed the ministry of health assessment at Masindi district local government where they discovered a number of issues which were unclear. Ms Rose Kirabira Kobusinge told the members that she had got a number of reports in her officer pinning the DHO, and they include, poor accountability, lack of transparency, doesn’t coordinate with fellow health workers, and he also works in isolation.

Kirabira also said the reports pin Baguma for failing to make daily, weekly, or monthly reports for different health departments, posts worker who spend more than ten years without transferring them, and he has also failed to make accountability for covid19 funds since March this year. On the same note, the resident district commissioner said they the ministry of health has directed CAO to plan recruiting a qualified DHO who they can work with.

Ms Fiona Sanyu the Chief Administrative Officer {CAO} Mainsdi said that she has never received any report from the office of the district health officer, therefore she is demanding for it by tomorrow {today}. Sanyu notes she will task the Baguma whereas he tasks the head of departments in the health sector to produce accountability.

The supervisor of the civil servants told Baguma to make accountability for covid19 funds before 25th of this month. On the issue of recruiting qualified district health officer, Sanyu said that she was directed by Dr. Diana Atwiine the permanent secretary at the ministry of health to recruit the DHO they can work with, noting the current acting DHO does not qualify to be in the office.

She therefore said they are planning to recruit three heads of departments including the commercial officer, production officer, and the district health officer, noting that the issue will be sorted out.

Patrick Baguma who is acting as the district health Officer is an environmentalist, he says that he didn’t force himself  to be in the current office rather was appointed by the Chief Executive as the care taker. The aggrieved Baguma notes that he ready to leave the office if served with a letter of resignation.

In response to the above allegations, Baguma said that he accounts for the money spent in his office, and that they shouldn’t put all the blames on him yet other departments have failed to account for the money saying other departments just report to him but he is not accountable for their expenditures.

The health expert also asked those reporting him to the office of CAO and DHO to be transparent, saying that according to files in his office, his supervisors commends him for service delivery. The aggrieved Baguma also notes that since this financial year began, he has met a lot of challenges compared to other years.


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