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By Innocent Atuganyira

MASINDI: New administrative units in Masindi district Bunyoro sub region Western Uganda which became operational this financial year have finally received funds.

LC3 chairpersons from the nine newly administrative units who have served eight months without being paid had started complaining that it had started becoming had to execute their duties due to unpayment.

On Friday, Masindi district council passed supplementary budget of shs 3.1 billion including shs 356 million for the operationalization of the nine administrative units.


According to Pamela Nyakato the secretary of finance at Masindi district local government, the five new sub counties are going to receive shs 31 million each and the town councils shs 50 million each.

The new sub counties include Kijunjubwa, Labongo, Kiruli, Nyantonzi and Bikonzi and the town councils are Kyatiri, Bulima, Kabango and Kijunjubwa.

Nyakato added that the expenditure priority is going to be on salaries for LC3 chairpersons, staff members, honoraria for councilors, council meetings and rent for office premises.


The leaders in the new administrative units have been complaining of lack of money to pay rent, garbage management, payment for the salaries among others.

The other money in the supplementary budget included administration which was allocated shs 356 million, works for roads shs 2 billion, works for water shs 3.3 million, health shs 214 million, education shs 372 million, natural resources 4.5 billion and shs 180 million from donar funding to departments like health and others.

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