By Innocent Atuganyira

MASINDI: According to statistics obtained by, there is fair turn of learners in different schools in Masindi Municipality.

Most schools visited by our reporter including Masindi secondary school, Kabalega primary school, Light primary school, Kihande Muslim, Kitara Parents primary school, Masindi  Public primary school and others had a fair turn of learners.

Moreen Ajok the acting head teacher Light primary school explains that they have registered fair turn up of learners and they are promising since its first day. ‘’We have registered fair turn up of learners and we are hoping more to join since it’s the first day after long closer of learning institutions,’’ she asserts.

According to Moreen, low turn might be as a challenge of school fees since parents were affected by lockdown and also festivities. ‘’But we hope they will turn up for academics since we registered a good number of learners.’’ She explains.

The head teacher also told that they have put in place all the necessities needed for observing the standard operating procedures as per ministry of health guidelines ‘’We haven’t registered any pregnant child, but we are ready to handle them in case we receive any since it’s a directive from the education ministry,’’ she explains.

Kassim  SSembuga the head teacher Kihande Muslim Primary School explains that at least a third of learners have reported back to school and they are registering more learners. ‘’Before the closure of learning institutions, we had 400 learners and today 104 have reported, however, we are receiving more learners,’’ he further explains.

Ssembuga also told that all teachers turned up and lessons resumed despite fair turn up of learners at the school. ’’All our teachers have reported back, though we have fair turn up of learners, we hope they will all report back,’’ he asserts.

He also explains that more girls have turned up compared to boys. The head teacher has attributed low turn of learners to parents noting that in most cases parents delay releasing their children for studies more especially when schools reopen. Ssembuga is asking all parents and guardians to send back their children to learning institution.

Innocent Talemwa, a teacher at Kabalega Primary School explains that they have today received more than 300 learners and lessons have resumed. ‘’We have received more than 300 learners, and lessons have resumed, we hope by the end of this week, all learners will have reported back,’’ he asserts.

When approached Monica Kiiza the Senior Inspector of Schools Masindi district, she explained that her team was still in the field, and she is yet to get feedback. She however pledged to contact us once the team reports back.

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