By Brian Atuhura

MASINDI: Residents of Bwijanga Sub County in Bujenje constituency Masindi district are trekking over 2 miles to access clean water.

Deo Rubanjwa the LC1 Chairperson for Kikingura village in Kitamba Parish says that due to the shortage of water in the area, locals have been for long consuming untreated water from one of the swamps, something that has put the lives of the residents in danger of contracting diseases.

‘’Due to lack of clean water, residents have resorted to fetching swamp water for domestic use which is putting their lives in danger of contracting diseases,’’ he said.

The leaders are asking the government to connect piped water in their area.

James Mudede the LC3 Chairperson Bwijanga sub county confirms the matter. He says that the most affected areas are Ntooma parish, Kinenabuhere, Muro trading centre, Kyamaiso, Kyandangi, Kyakaheru, Kikingura and others.

Mudede told ugreports that locals in the above areas trek over 2 miles to access clean water.

He also says Kikingura has two boreholes, but they are two miles apart, and the most affected areas are developing since there is rampant population increase.

The politician however says they have already submitted the report to district authorities and they hope to get piped water to address the problem.

‘’We have written to the district authorities so that we can get piped water to address the problem of water shortage in the sub county,’’ Mudede noted.

He also told ugreports that water trust has rehabilitated 25 boreholes and they have pledged to construct more 19 boreholes. ‘’The district has also allocated us four boreholes and we hope the problem will be addressed,’’ he explains.

According to James Mudede, Bwijanga has 42 functioning boreholes, and 14 nonfunctioning. He however says they two miles apart thus hard to access.

Bwijanga has three parishes and thirty four villages with a population of over 40,000 people.

Alfred Ocen the District Water Engineer Masindi says there are a number of projects being done in Bwijanga Sub County.

‘’Since we have developing partners, they have also pledged to construct more 19 boreholes in Bwijanga, and we hope the problem will be sorted out,’’ he asserts.

Ocen also explains they are planning to extend piped water to Bwijanga Sub County noting that the problem will be solved.


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