By Innocent Atuganyira

MASINDI: Dealers in valentine gifts in Masindi town are decrying low demand of the accomodities at the last day.

Ronald Tugume dealing in valentine gifts along Market street told ugreports that last year due to covid 19 they were unable to make profits since it was celebrated virtually.

Tugume adds that as dealers they expected to get money this year which is not the case saying normally during previous years at the last day like today {Monday}, they could be harvesting a lot of money since the demand could be high which has not been the case for this year.


”We could be fetching a lot of money today since the demand is very high, but its not the case,” he noted.

Tugume who could not establish the root cause for low demand adds that besides low demand, the few who come to buy the gifts want to buy expensive things at cheaper price and if you fail to reduce for them at the amount they want , they move away.

”Most of them want to buy expensive gifts at cheaper price, thus incurring losses,” he noted.
Tugume adds that due to the low demand, they have decided to shop cheaper things ranging from 1000shillings to 10000 shillings so that customers can buy them rather than shopping expensive ones which will make them count losses.


Faith Nalumansi dealer along side commercial street within Masindi town was not different from her colleague saying since by press time at around 9 :00am she had not yet sold any gift .

Nalumansi says this has been first of its kind to experience such situation where customers fail to turn in big numbers at the last day.

Nalumansi attributed the cause on learners returning back to school since parents right now have no money and some are planning for the season to start preparing their field for farming.
She says the few who come only want gifts ranging from 1000= -2000=.

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