By Moses Alinda

ARUA: The minister for local government Rafael Magyezi has resolved to sanction the revenue collection system in Arua city.

This follows reports vendors gave to the minister mid this week on how they pay revenue to the council.

At Lobida Owino market the vendors said that they remit local revenue of 500 shillings per vendor to council on daily basis

At the South Sudanese fish market, the council collects 40,000 shillings from every bag of fish offloaded of which every truck carries 40 bags.

In a week they offload between four to five vehicles and in a month 10 to 15 vehicles.

In the main market the vendors pay 500 shillings daily to council.


Meanwhile the street vendors at Onzivu Street, Duka road, market lane, Lemerijoa road, and other streets also remit 500 shillings to the council on a daily basis.

During the meeting with the councillors of Arua central division held at the former Arua hill division headquarters, some councillors say there are irregularities in the process of collecting local revenue in Arua central division.

They say, in a period of 8 months the council has only collected a total of 21 million from the hotels and 176 million from the trading license from Arua central division yet Pangisa ward only has over 2,000 shops.

According to Hon. Hamid Salim the council representing the people of Pangisa lower ward and the secretary for finance, planning, development and works said that there are some leaders who collect the local revenue directly in their pockets, something that is affecting the service delivery in Arua central division.

Similarly the speaker of Arua central division Hon Osuga Rasul noted that there are irregularities in the format of local revenue collection in the division.

He said, most times they are side-lined during the local revenue collection and some of the local revenue sources are not disclosed to the councillors which he says is affecting the local revenue collection.

This has prompted the minister to sanction the revenue collection system in Arua markets and vowed to deal with anyone found misusing government funds.

Raphael Magyezi also ordered Arua city town clerk to transfer Arua central division town clerk Isaac Wanje to another department over corruption tendencies until further notes.

A team of delegates will be sent from the ministry of local government to undertake the process of investigating the allegation levied against Arua central division town clerk and revenue collection and management.

According to the minister, the leaders who have tampered with local revenue should refund before the commencement of the investigation.

There is also a reduction in the local revenue collected from Abattoir from 16 million per month to 14million and street parking from 4 million to 1.5 million something the councillors attributed to corruption.

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