By Moses Alinda

ARUA: The minister for local government Rafael Magyezi has temporarily suspended the collection of toilet fees at Arua central market for a period of one month.

While delivering his resolutions on the market saga, the minister said that the vendors should not pay the toilet fees because it is the responsibility of the council to provide the services to the people in Arua city.

He said accordingly he found out that the toilets generate 18 million shillings per month and it is tendered at only 600,000 Ugandan shillings.

The minister stressed that the council is responsible for providing all the services in the market.

Magyezi also gave one month for investigations on how the vendors who are in the new market acquired the stalls and vowed to handle any politician or technocrat who will be found having stalls in the market according to the laws of Uganda.

He also said they are to handle all the corrupt officials in the market saga who got stalls using their offices to be handled by the law and also maintained that the private markets should continue operating without interference from any council authority however the city council should regulate them for the meantime.

Vendors in Arua have been having battles over the issue of market.

The vendors in the main market threatened to demonstrate as to why their counterparts were still operating on the private markets and on the other hand those operating in the private markets vowed not to leave or they would die from their markets.

This attracted the minister of local government to come and visit markets in Arua so that the issues can be solved.

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