Terego district was created in 2020 and is one of the youngest districts in Uganda.

By Moses Alinda

TEREGO: The minister for local government Rafael Magyezi has tasked Terego district leadership to prioritize and strengthen the education system to enable their people acquire the necessary knowledge needed for the development of the district.

While commissioning the newly constructed district office block in Leju town council on recently, Magyezi said the future of the district, just like other parts of Uganda, lies in education.

He said no one is born with the knowledge but it is always attained through education.

Magyezi explained that due to the lack of the empowerment through education, many councilors are fond of just seconding the motions during council seatings which has made many districts in the country to lose money to the few educated ones.

The minister also congratulated the district officials upon constructing the office block in a space of one and half years which no district in the country had ever done.

Otim Benson Humphrey, the district chief administrative officer cited understaffing as the major challenge facing the district.

He revealed that most of the staff are in acting positions, leaving the district with no substantive heads of departments apart from only the district education officer.

He explained that the staffing level of the district currently stands at 47% which he said is very low.

On his part, Wilfred Saka, the district chairperson requested the local government ministry to address the issue of understaffing in order to improve the service delivery in the district.

Terego district was created in 2020 and is one of the youngest districts in Uganda.

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