By Pascal Onega

BULIISA: Hon. Norah Bigirwa Nyendwoha the Woman Member of Parliament for Buliisa
District has has awarded pupils who got first grade in 2020 PLE in Buliisa district. Some of the items awarded include; mattresses, pair of bed sheets, blankets and many others.

The above items were awarded to over 30 pupils in both upper and lower Buliisa. Receiving the awards at Biiso Community Hall earlier this week, the politician said that she has done this as a way of motivating learners to concentrate on studies, thus improving education perfomance in Buliisa district.

The member of parliament has also asked parents, guardians and caretakers to join hands with teachers and improve academic performance of their children in the oil rich district.

Since 2016, Hon. Nyendwoha has been awarding the students who get first grades
in Buliisa district. She notes that such items also encourage others to work hard thus performing better thus improving academic performance in Buliisa.

According to Godfrey Abigaba the headteacher Asaba Model Nursery and
Primary School, this will improve the candidates’ performance in the district
noting that it motivates the learners to work hand. ‘’Since some learners are
from poor families, this encourages them to perform better thus reducing the
cost of procuring scholastic materials,’’ he noted.

Abigaba has applauded the woman member of parliament for always supporting
the education sector in Buliisa district. Margret Asiimwe a parent whose child
benefited from the awards also appreciated the politician and noted that it has
reduced the cost of buying scholastic materials and her child will resume studies
once schools reopen.

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