‘’Secession is not a solution to the problems they have, they should sit at a round table and solve their problems,’’ he asserted.

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HOIMA: The Member of Parliament for Bugahya County in Hoima district Pius Wakabi has opposed the idea of Bagungu seceding from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

In exclusive interview with this Website, Wakabi observed the need for the Bagungu to remain united with the Banyoro to enable the Kingdom develop.

‘’There is no need for the Bagungu secession, we all belong to Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, we therefore ought to unite and develop our region,’’ he said.

According to the politician, Bagungu have for long lived in harmony with the Kingdom, and those agitating for their secession should instead seek dialogue with Bunyoro Kingdom leaders to address their grievances and challenges.

‘’Secession is not a solution to the problems they have, they should sit at a round table and solve their problems,’’ he asserted.

The MP was speaking about the plan by the Bagungu in Buliisa district to secede from Bunyroro Kitara Kingdom.

But Sharif Aguma, the Secretary for Publicity Bugungu Cultural Revival Association says the Bagungu Culture has been eroded and he hopes that once they establish their own cultural institution, they will be able to revive it.

‘’We have different culture from that of Banyoro  like traditional dances, dressing code, which can be best preserved and promoted by having our own cultural institution,’’ he said.

Aguma also told that the secession will also strengthen the unity amongst the Bagungu through the clan heads and also develop the oil rich Buliisa district.

Contrary to Aguma, the former Buliisa Member of Parliament Stephen Birahwa Mukitale says that the Bagungu Culture and Language can be promoted within the Bunyoro Kingdom.

‘’Bugungu is bigger than what people think, I don’t support the break away. It’s unfortunate we are looking at it as Buliisa, we can promote our culture and language within the Bunyoro Kingdom,’’ he said.

The Bunyoro Kingdom Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Andrew Byakutaga says that there is no need for the Bagungu to break away but rather called for strengthening of the unity with the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom   for the development of Bunyoro region.

‘’Since we have been working together, there is no need for them to secede from Bunyoro, we should work together for the development of Bunyoro rather than dividing ourselves,’’

Byakutaga also revealed that they are ready to dialogue with the Bagungu and solve their grievances and challenges.

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