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By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: Dressing of reflector jackets has become the order of the day for both the bodaboda riders and non- bodaboda riders.
Recently, the president pronounced a directive for all the bodaboda riders to acquire reflector jackets, helmets and driving permits as one of the requirements for all the bodaboda riders.

In a survey conducted by UGReports, the majority of bodaboda riders halted their business due to lack of the money to purchase the required equipment for reasons that most of them do not own motorcycles.

“I cannot spend the little I make for buying the reflected jacket, I don’t have a motorcycle”, said one of the bodaboda riders on condition of anonymity.

It’s upon this background that, the Bukedea Member of Parliament, right honorable speaker Anet Among Anita, Bukedea county member of parliament John Bosco Ikojo and some of the well-wisher David Beecham Okwere came in to support the bodaboda riders with the reflector jackets.

On 23rd, Nov 2022, Siporah Akol, the bukedea district personal assistant handed over hundreds of the reflector jackets to Bukedea bodaboda riders.

“This reflector jacket is a support from the right speaker Anet Among Anita to help you and safeguard mostly at night”, said Ms Akol.


Sam Muron, John Bosco Ikojo personal assistant also in the evening of 23rd, Nov 2022 handed over three hundred reflector jackets to Bukedea bodaboda riders.

“We are doing this to help our people since a reflector jacket is one of the requirements for all the bodaboda riders”, said Mr. Muron.

William Opio, Bukedea district bodaboda association chairperson says early this week, a first bunch of fifty reflector jackets were received from the well-wisher David Beecham Okwere.

“I want to appreciate all our Mps and well-wishers for the support of reflector jackets given to us, most of my colleagues were not able to buy these jackets for themselves”, said Mr. Opio.

In an observation, most of the politicians channeled as a way of campaigning since most of the reflector jackets communicate in a sense of 2026.

Gilbert Odeke, one of the bodaboda riders, urged their political leaders to engage the motorcycle companies in order to reduce the interest rates paid by the bodaboda riders.

“Most of us are using motorcycles which are on loan, my appeal is that let our Mps come and talk to these companies, and we are charged highers”. Said Mr. Odeke.

Hajji Imran Muluga, the resident district commissioner, says the reflector jackets would now reduce accidents in the district.


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