By Steven Birija

The Muhoozi birthday should send us a rude reminder of our failed civic duty as citizens. Ugandans out there, especially if you are still sober should know this better. We are victims of elite greed and opportunism, which ultimately compromise our will and courage to protect country.

Ultimately, on the birthday we saw, what in the famous words of one Aeron Davis (2017), was the “Reckless opportunists Elites at the end of the Eastablishment” that loot and pillage our country regroup.

What didn’t we see?!

From Andrew to Mirundi, and Kagame to Kaguta, in between, a host kakistocracy and kleptocrat, converged. They have never spoken louder than this since they made their kill and captured their harmless lambs herein: it was clear, that liberators don’t exist. You fight for yourself. What a pity to Luwero ignorant and innocent souls. What a pity to those who betrayed and lied about Dr Obote (RIP), our true nationalist.

These guys clearly demonstrated to us that, regardless of intent and their teeming ignorance, they remain in charge because we ourselves are too hungry, greedy, and fear freedom.

For much as we are aware, that they are ignorant, lack intellect to govern, they are precarious, rootless and self-serving, we would rather settle for the crumbs on the table than risk a fight for our rightful and fair share. We are the “mere yalero” as Baganda say. Or Banyoro: ” akafwa kalire, tikaleka omuzimu”, translated as those who die after eating never leave gambling ghosts. That where we have reach. Survival philosophy!

We all know that, although the rogues are richer than when they came in, after looting us dry, it is clear they have lost coherence, influence and legitimate control. You can’t list all their I competences, but if you want a summary just listen to the birthdays chief celebrant: a total privileged, heartless and intellectually depraved lot.

Increasingly, having turned the country into a rentier state, and are governing through rentier class of fishers, in their own words, they are just reckless opportunists, getting what they want and can amid the chaos they have helped to create in the last 36 years, with our own help.

Many schooled Ugandans know that, this guys failings have not only damaged the wider Ugandan society morally, intellectually and economically, and they continue to undermine the very foundation of the concept Uganda itself, but we continue to prop up the praetorian dictatorship.

I listened to the clips of the events organisers, and watched what happened in Kampala: the scampering for bread/food by the visibly starved, the very artificially modified praises, then the chief celebrant, tells it all.

It is evidently clear that our great Kampala city and country are now driven even more by greed, emotions and ruthless self-interest without any iota of personal responsibility or sense of citizenship. Exactly what these guys set out to socially engineer our people.

This makes it even more apparent, that with our intellectuals turned either into resigned objects of pity, and others useful into idiots, courtesy of Hon. Nambooze, the whole country is now under threat of self destruction.

Summed it up: country is now peopled by “predators”, “bandits” and “rabbid dogs”, who reward themselves with huge loots from the national treasury, fat salaries, bonuses, tracks of our land, contracts like Lubowa hospital or the Vinci – MOFP deals and several options, regardless of success or failure and we still praise the exploiters and tormentors.

Lesson: The people liberate themselves, no one can liberate you. Stop that sense of resignation and fatalism. This country is ours! If we can’t stand up and fight for it, then we have no reason to complain.
Otherwise, how can a few men and women, with only 80,000 army men and police men control 45million Ugandans unless we allow them?

Good day fellow Ugandans.

The author is the former Masindi district chairperson

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