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ENTEBBE: Controversial political analyst Joseph Tamale Mirundi has finally reconciled with long time enemy Andrew Mwenda.

Mirundi, a former Senior Presidential Press Secretary made up with the veteran journalist during First Son, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s 48th Birthday dinner at State House, Entebbe on Sunday.

The dinner was attended by President Yoweri Museveni, First Lady Janet Museveni, other First Family members, Rwanda President Paul Kagame, senior government officials as well as Muhoozi’s close friends.

In the photos making rounds on social media, Mirundi and Mwenda are seen having a light moment and rubbing their shoulders together.

Over the years, Mirundi, a Senior Presidential Advisor on Media issues has accused Mwenda of being part of the powerful mafia clique that doesn’t wish him any good in Uganda.

In 2020, Mirundi named six of his enemies (including Mwenda) who were working around the clock to ensure that he is no more.


Although Mirundi said his differences with the six people were irreconcilable, and because they humiliated him, he didn’t state the genesis of his fights with them since all seem to come from different walks of life.

Other enemies he named include; Gen Proscovia Nalweyiso, Col Edith Nakalema, Agriculture Minister Frank Tumwebaze , Robert Kabushenga, Vision Group Chief executive and Geoffrey Kulubya, Bukedde newspaper managing editor.

Mirundi and Mwenda’s reconciliation follows yesterday’s gesture where the former buried the hatchet with Tumwebaze.

During Gen Muhoozi’s birthday bash at Lugogo Cricket Oval on Saturday, Mirundi and Mwenda hugged and posed for photos, a sign that the two arch-rivals probably reconciled.

Early this year, Tumwebaze, the former Minister for Presidency disclosed that Mirundi can continue defaming him if he earns a living out of it.

The Kibale East Member of Parliament noted that Mirundi has been attacking him over the years but he has failed to understand his motive and gains.

“A Note to my friends, supporters, allies & comrades: Many of u call me quite often with a lot of concern about the perennial attack on my person by a one Tamale Mirundi with all sorts of weird & malicious utterances. I acknowledge ur concern and thank you. While I do not know honestly what drives and motivates his smear/ hate laced campaign against me (which started in 2012 when I was first appointed minister), I have chosen to give him a contempt card just like I do to all ‘PHD’ schemers and malice vendors,” Tumwebaze tweeted.

The Minister added that his friends and relatives have on several occasions advised him to talk to the veteran journalist and if it means settling him in any way, he should do so.

“Many of my friends have advised me to call and talk and ‘sort’ him by meeting some of his demands ( as I am told apparently many of his victims do) BUT I have rejected Blackmail and given him a go-ahead to insult me indefinitely. If attacking me gives him a living, then let him profit! I have also refused to waste time with defamation suits. I don’t have time to be diverted. To those who use him; plz note that u can never destroy the destinies of self-made people however much u invest in ‘PHD’ schemes, just be aware! God will fight for us!! PHD= Pull him down. A very common syndrome in our set up employed mainly by the insecure and weak-minded against those they perceive as competitors or threats to their positions/ power.”

Mirundi has been attacking Tumwebaze for over a decade now.

In one of his talk shows, Mirundi accused Minister Tumwebaze of conniving with other people in government to stop radios and televisions from hosting him because his shows were exposing the dirty linen of some big fish in government (including Tumwebaze).

Mirundi also alluded that Tumwebaze is one of the people who facilitated his sacking from State House by doctoring a recording that implicated him in abusing the First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni.
Appearing on Pearl FM, the controversial political commentator claimed that Tumwebaze and his sister-in-law also permanent secretary to the Health Ministry Dr Diana Atwiine fell out with embattled Executive Director of Mulago National referral hospital Dr Byaruhanga Baterana because of the ownership of the Mulago hospital mortuary which he tried to block from getting owned by ‘Mafia group’.

Mirundi added that the duo is also in the human organs extraction industry whereby they connive with doctors to deliberately cause the death of manageable patients with an intent to obtain organs.

“Baterana is being fought by Tumwebaze and his in-law Atwiine. These people took over ownership of the Mulago mortuary and Baterana tried to meddle and that’s why he’s being fought,” Mirundi stressed.

“Tumwebaze and his group connive with doctors to prescribe wrong drugs to the patients. These wrong drugs work as catalysts that speed up the death of patients. The Tumwebaze group then extracts organs from the bodies in the mortuary before submitting them (bodies) to relatives. They wrap these bodies so that even families don’t realize that their people have missing body parts,” he explained.

Source: Watchdog

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