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By Steven Wandera

MASINDI: Local leaders from Masindi district who have been undergoing a course at Masindi police training course in Kabalye have voiced mixed reactions towards  the money that they were given by government  after the training.

The over 900 leaders were passed out on Thursday after two week by prime minister Robinah Nabbanja who delivered 30 million shillings from the government to help transport them back home.

William Ahebwa, a youth leader from Kijunjubwa town council said that he left his work to attend the training but he was disappointed by the 30,000 shilling that they were each given after close to 3 three training sessions.

”I have been disappointed, imagine only 30,000 shillings, I would have done a lot in the two weeks I have spent here,” he asserted.

Mawa Margret, the secretary for production in Kiduru cell, Kigulya division said that she had incurred a lot of costs during the training compared to the money that she was given saying she had instead made a loss.

”I have incurred a lot of costs during the training compared to the money that i have received, instead i have incurred loss,” she said.


Benjamin Tumusiime, a youth councilor in Karujubu division claimed that the facilitators and leaders who have lectured them have been giving them money which was accounted for by the organizers.

However other leaders including James Balikurungi, the chairperson Labbongo Sub County said money was not what took them for the training but knowledge which they have got and will help them develop themselves and perform their duties better.

”I didn’t come for money, what I have learnt will help me perform my duties and develop my community,” he noted.

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