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KAMPALA: President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has warned religious leaders and traditional healers against admitting patients with Ebola related signs and symptoms.

Addressing the nation Wednesday evening on Ebola status in the country, Museveni said the patients who show up with Ebola-like symptoms should be admitted at hospitals not worship places or shrines.

“The witch doctors, traditional healers and herbalists should not accept sick people in their shrines or places of treatment. Advise them to call health workers for safe transfer to hospitals,” he directed.
Museveni also directed religious leaders not to accept sick people with symptoms of Ebola who come seeking for healing prayers because when they touch them, they will contract Ebola.
“Advise them to call health workers for safe transfer to hospitas. Boda boda riders should be vigilant and not carry sick people with signs and symptoms of Ebola. Advise them to call for an ambulance,” he advised.

The warning followed the death of an Ebola contact who escaped from Mubende and visited a traditional healer in a different region.

The contact was later rushed to Kiruddu National Referral Hospital last Friday but passed on.

Dr Aceng said that teams which treated him were alert to the dangers and had protected themselves, because the patient arrived at the hospital when he was seriously ill.

She also added that there are currently no other confirmed Ebola cases in Kampala, although the city and surrounding districts are considered high risk.


He was the 19th victim in the current outbreak of the deadly virus but the first to die in Kampala.

There have been 54 confirmed cases in Uganda but no others have been recorded in the city.

20 people have recovered including five medics from the first hospital where a case was treated. They were discharged on Tuesday.

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