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GULU: William Otim commonly known as Bosmic Otim who was born in Kitgum district and raised in the Northern City of Uganda Gulu is nursing wounds.

Its alleged that Otim was badly beaten by yet to be identified people last evening. Its also alleged that he has been on the hunt for singing an inciting tribute song in memory of the fallen speaker of  Parliament of Uganda Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah.

Its further alleged that the winner of the pearl of Africa awards 2007 is currently in the hide and seek with the security operative.

Six days back, Otim released a tribute song in memory of Oulanyah which states that Oulanyah’s death was premature.

In the same song, Otim stated that the 40 years of suffering of Israelite in Egypt is of no difference with suffering of the Luo people in East Africa.

”It’s so sad that history is repeating itself, the United Nations should intervene, we were born to suffer,” he stated in part.


On 21st of March 2022, the Minister of ICT and National guidance Hon. Chris Baryomunsi while at the media centre in Kampala said that  the Late Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah’s death is not close to poisoning as it is alleged by the public.

The rumors have been moving around especially on social media platforms when people alleging that the Speaker’s death is related to poison and his Father, Nathan also hinted about the same story.

“It was more clear that there was no poison that was given to him [Speaker] as it was alleged on social media , it was natural death but not poison.” Hon. Chris Baryomunsi said.

The remains of the Speaker of Parliament of Uganda Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah is expected to land at Entebbe International Airport this afternoon, and he will be laid to rest on 2nd April at his ancestral home in Omoro district.


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