By Innocent Atuganyira

MASINDI: Fear gripped mothers at Masindi Hospital Maternity Ward after an unknown girl stole a three days old baby girl from the mother.

Sarah Nanjinga, the baby’s mother, told ugreports on  Sunday afternoon that the suspect, who is suspected to be in 15 years and below, accessed the maternity ward and asked to carry the new born baby.

She explained that the suspect claimed to be studying at one of the institutions around Masindi town where the sister in-law studies from and due to that, she swiftly gave her the baby.

Nanjinga who happens to be a resident of Kabango Town Council, Masindi district told our reporter that when the suspect left the maternity ward, didn’t surface in the hospital premises.

She asserted that, by the time the incident happened, her caretaker was outside washing clothes.
The mother who is still nursing wounds of C-section was operated on Thursday 28 th /04/2022.

While rolling tears, Nanjinga described the suspect as brown in color, short, dressed in white blouse and a dress mixed with red flowers.

According to the eyewitnesses who spoke to ugreports at the maternity ward, it’s alleged that the suspect spent a night at Masindi Maternity ward.

Eyewitnesses further recounted that the suspect was seen moving smartly from the hospital premises.
It’s also alleged that the suspect used one of the short cuts since she wasn’t seen at the hospital’s main gate.

‘’The suspect entered the maternity ward, found the mother breastfeeding the baby, and asked her to carry the baby, when we asked her whether she knew the girl, the mother said that the girl schools with the sister in-law,’’ eyewitness told our reporter.

When contacted on phone, Dr. Felix Twinomugisha the Masindi General Hospital Superintendent said that the fault was caused by the mother not the hospital.

When our reporter approached ASP Shiifa Kiribwa, the District Police Commander Masindi in her office, said that the matter had not yet reached her desk.

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