By Flavia Ajok

KIKUUBE: Leaders from Kikuube district want Bugoma forest to be transferred from the custody of National Forestry Authority {NFA} to Uganda Wildlife Authority {UWA} for its safe custody.

Speaking during a meeting organized by safer world organization and P.T.O under Rwenzori Information Center Network held at Kolping Hotel Hoima.

Timothy Balikenga the Programs Director Safer World revealed that they are running a project in Uganda which is focused in addressing the drivers of conflicts in the society looking at four areas of, competition of resources like forests and land among others, influx of refugees in Uganda, electoral processes and inadequate transition of justice processes.

While in the meeting, Alex Kabusomba Byensi district councillor Kabwoya upper exposed that Bugoma forest has become a business area for NFA adding that opium is being cultivated in the forest, timber business from Kikuube to Kagadi.

‘’Since this year started so far three elephants have been shot and ivories are not found on these dead elephants among others,’’ he said.

Kabusomba said NFA can no longer manage to take care of the forest any more thus said as Kikuube district they moved a motion that UWA take over Bugoma forest’s custody.


Peter Banura the Kikuube district LCV Chairperson said he is very disappointed with NFA because instead of taking good care of the forest they are just depleting the species.

Banura added that it’s NFA that is responsible for fuelling timber cutting and rescuing the timber culprits from police custody.

During the same meeting, Francis Abitegeka from the CAO’s office Kikuube district stated that what has complicated the land wrangles in Kikuube is that there are many opportunists and as leaders have not done enough to see that these issues are put to an end yet people don’t know the laws governing land.

Francis Twesige the LCIII Kabwoya requested that those that have fake land titles and got them illegally be cancelled so that they do things in the right way.

Twesige said there is a need to encourage people to get customary land certificates for the start.

James Mwirima a consultant with safer world said the action point that they have taken on to see that serenity is brought in Kikuube are among transfer of Bugoma forest from NFA to UWA, need for clear boundary opening and demarcation, resolve the Kyangwali refugee land conflict between the district, government and kingdom.

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