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Vanilla takes 2years and three months to yield.

By Van Degurasi

NTUNGAMO: Vanilla farmers in Ntungamo district under their organization Vanilla Farmers Co-operative Society have launched an initiative of distributing free vanilla seeds to farmers.

According to their chairperson Ntungamo District Mr. Twongyeirwe Edison, they have decided to give free vanilla seeds to farmers in order to develop the economy and strengthen their organization.

‘’Vanilla is expensive and many people have really praised it. That is why we have decided to distribute free seeds to farmers,’’ he said.

The Ntungamo District agricultural officer Mrs Atwine Esther said that vanilla is a gold crop since it competes with gold in the world market.

She also encouraged vanilla growers to form co-operative so that they can manage their crops for profit maximization.

The Agricultural officer emphasized to all vanilla growers to make sure that they get a certificate from the ministry of agriculture. However, she urged people to participate in vanilla growing though it takes time caring for it till the harvesting time.

However, the Ntungamo District commercial officer Mr Nyakatukura Geoffrey also urged vanilla growers to reach him for more guidance if they are ready to form SACCO.

Vanilla takes 2years and three months to yield.

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