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OPINION: The last few weeks have been very tense online as opposition stalwarts watched with utter shock as some of the most vital NRM spin masters of ages jumped into each others’ throats in an very open and difficult to suppress debate about which of the two currently famous candidates of NRM that they should forward for the 2026 presidential general elections to represent the NRM Political party.

The keyboard warriors at the frontline are well known cadres who the opposers loathe and hate the most.

The good NRM cadres from Team chairman, lead by Mr Michael Toyota, Balaam Barugahara etc seem to openly suggest that their choice, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba should be the one on the ballot while openly asserting that the conventional NRM Party Peoples, structures and systems which are led and being commanded by the Chairman of NRM, Gen Y.K Museveni, such as the NRM  Secretariat led by the Secretary General, Mr Richard Todwong as well as the Office of the National chairman led by SPA Hajjat Hadijah Uzeiye the leader 3.5 million registered Bazzukulu as well as prominent chairpersons of NRM, Al Hajji Kigongo etc etc are hell bent on preventing or blocking their candidate’s automatic inevitable candidature.

They claim these even when well aware of the fact that all these NRM party organs, peoples and activities are being instructed and funded by their Chairman Y.K Museveni himself.

The battle is mainly on the cyber space and at a lower level of NRM networks and administration, mostly among well known young incorrigible and aggressive mobilizers of Y.K Museveni and NRM leaders and activities at large.

Note that the war has also brought out the Best in the Mobilizers as Party stalwarts struggle to engage the Best of the Best from within the system to have them on their side of the argument.  Meanwhile, prominent and deployed senior members of NRM have desisted from directly participating in these debates but instead hire these same usually very vocal and aggressive Cadres to speak (engage) on their behalf.


Ofcourse, officially even what would be called the Senior level of NRM is actively busy with what they should actually be doing such as implementation of the PDM and the Manifesto and are thus weary of being perceived to be supporting or persecuting one side.

This is understandable. However, a group of NRM District chairmen who met his Excellency a few days ago had hoped to EXTRACT a definite Ultimate position from his Excellency with a sole aim of getting him to COMMIT to stand in 2026,  but in VAIN.

From our snoops, the group had planned to coerce, incite and even intimidate their own Chairman to “DO SOMETHING” about what they perceived as a “parallel system within a functional system” that is being caused by the latest barrage of MK program activities. By committing to be the Only available option, this would have come to an end, so they had hoped.

The great Chairpersons had indeed hoped that this decision would also help to demoralize the vividly aggressive MK  groups which seem to be emerging and sprouting from within the same NRM foundation from every corner per day.  The results of the meeting of The Chairpersons hence accelerated the confusion even more for NRM members and even the Opposition.

What most analysts do not understand is that most media houses and power brokers in Uganda have already TRIED to get a FIRM Position from the Chairman but IN VAIN. There must therefore be a Valid reason for this AMBIGUITY. With Y.K Museveni as the main Actor, this reason cannot be very far away from Good. Apparently, the Chairman LOVES it that way,  because it is a scenario that may be more  BENEVOLENT to the NRM long term vision than Malevolent.

The only logical question that an Opposer should be asking is, “Would you MIND if the whole Uganda started arguing over who between YOU and YOUR SON should Be their Next Leader?  Be Honest with yourself. Would You mind?? Aren’t BOTH scenarios WHAT you ever DESIRED In life??

That aside, most Opposers and ordinary Wanaichi would expect a Senior NRM cadre to have UNDERSTOOD SUCH STRATEGIES a Decade ago but assessors are getting disappointed.  The worst bit is when even a Top NRM leader makes careless and comical and childish statements such as  “ONC, CEC, NEC or RDCs are Fighting Museveni’.  That would be sheer contradictory madness. How can you fight Yourself inside your Own House and systems set up and overseen by your own self??

Then another Group of MK believers claim, ONC, NEC, CEC, RDCs etc are Fighting MK. How can you fight yourself inside your Own house and your Father’s home when you are the one in charge literally?  Are people really THINKING when they say such things??

Then another Group says, “NEC, CEC, ONC etc are endorsing Mzee because they are afraid of MK”, but how can a Father Fear his own son inside his own house where  they both live, eat and Plan together? Wouldn’t that defy logic too!? Doesn’t his Excellency have all the authorization and Powers to Stop or begin anything he desires in this Country!!? This group then can’t seem to elaborate why the new ONC is FULL of well known and some of the most vocal Muhoozists ever known to mankind.

They also seem not to explain why  these Muhoozists were sourced by HE Museveni himself. But what many critics don’t seem to realize is that the refusal of their Chairperson to Commit to whatever they would have desired is obviously advantageous to Y.K Museveni, General Muhoozi and the whole NRM systems and people at large.

Commiting to one Position may Demoralize one side at a very WRONG time when BOTH was supposed to be Politically VIVID and active to suppress Opposition Ideologies and this would empower and embolden the Opposition which had grown very strong during the run-up to the 2021 elections. NUP attaining 30% of the National Vote and NRM losing Kampala and the Central Region is one of the Worst Nightmares ever faced by Y.K Museveni, Gen. MK and the Whole NRM fraternity at large.

The “NRM war” is therefore only disadvantageous to the Opposers such as NUP which had vividly captivated the Youth of Uganda especially in Urban Areas. Team MK’s aggressive activism approach though unconventional to a typical NRM mobilization system was not something that most Opposers had anticipated or even predicted.

The same with most in NRM who feel totally enshrined within the decade long NRM system who may feel Sidelined that they have Not been Part of this so called successful “MK Project” that anyone unbiased mind can observe is vividly causing the Disappearance  of NUP activities among urban youth.

The MK program may seem uncoordinated to those who have not been part of it, but let me clarify how the Sudden upsurge of “Muhoozism” in Uganda has suppressed Opposition among the Youth.

First and foremost, the modern “dot com” Ugandan Youth of this generation are NOT enchanted by beneficial Political statements, gimmicks and lies of a Conventional Ugandan Politician.

They are now used.  Instead, they now follow Celebrities, Stars, Obama, Trump, Nubian Li,  Generals, Sportsmen, singers, models, Twitter  Kings and Queens etc, and  not the Odonga Otoo, Nobert Mao kind of Mobilization techniques which involves ONLY empty boring Political WORDS and nothing more to Offer etc. Where is the SWAG? Where are the slay Queens during rallies,, where is  Bella Wine?? Not empty old Kelele Political stunts that are outdated. Am sorry but that is the naked Truth. POLITICS also evolves and changes very fast with time.

Secondly, when a Ugandan Youth of today Walks with “Team Chairman” for example, you feel a Deep sense of the EXACT things that a  Ugandan has always wished to have  E.g You feel a sense of TIGHT security  presence, friendly UPDF soldiers smiling and laughing and eating with you, and Peace all around. You feel WEALTH and see Nice cars and latest designs, care and Success is all around you. You feel SMART, Bright, WHITE, Intelligent, HAPPY, joyful and BEAUTIFUL.

The beautiful Ladies there also LOVE people and it seems everyone who joins becomes beautiful,,, hehehe.  I don’t know why!  BUT just Know that THE ABOVE is What Causes a Youth of Today to make a Choice to VOTE for a LEADER like Trump and Not Wonderful Hillary.

That is why they gave 30% Votes to a Person who can only Sing, smoke Marijuana, swagger and nothing else much. Because music enchants them and makes them Jolly. Humans are Humans. They ignored POA, one of the BEST and Most Brilliant Politicians in Africa. Brilliant to you, not them.

Brilliance to a Youth is Relative and subjective and may be as simple as looking beautiful or handsome. Beauty inspires a Youth BUT a 60 year old Voter may not understand why because BEAUTY is of no use to him or her future and current life aspirations.

People have been asking me to take a SIDE, but unfortunately for most, I, Jago Minyang Makombo, am not a Politician. I DON’T Need to take Any side as long as Both are UNDER Y.K Museveni’s Instructions. And as far as I KNOW,,,, BOTH and all NRM related activities are being boosted and promoted by the Same Person. I only care about a weakened Opposition,  by any means I can use.

Unlike in Soccer, the winner in Politics is usually the One who SHOUTS the Loudest.  Now today I ask,,,, WHEN did you Last HEAR about John Paul Lumbuye??

Now reminisce just a year ago, at the same time. Why? Because the whole Uganda is interested in NRM people’s things and discussing them instead.

Also, isn’t a BATTLE between Tukwatanise Musa and Andrea Kirungi of NRM about who between MK and M7 should Stand in 2026 More ENTERTAINING and INTELLIGENT to ENJOY instead of Listening to political amateurs and ganja man running around the whole place Versing the united Musa and Andrea Kirungi, giving them uncalled for Headache??

My final advice to both sides and all teams pushing an NRM related agenda NOT to Cease Fire. The sky is not the Limit anymore as we now have a satellite thanks to Y.K Museveni and NRM at large as Secured by loving and dedicated service and leadership of Gen.  Muhoozi Kainerugaba and the UPDF.

The author is Prof Jago Minyang Makombo Asiimwe, Senior Political Strategist  at NRM and Africa Continental Unity Party (ACUP)

Disclaimer: We as UG Reports Media LTD welcome any opinion by any one if it’s of constructive use to the Development of Uganda. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not of UG Reports Media LTD but for the author of the article.

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