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KAMPALA: Members of Parliament from the opposition faction led by their leader Mathias Mpuuga have this afternoon walked out of Parliament in protest of the torture of their colleagues.

According to their leader, they will not attend the parliamentary session for two weeks. The legislators sat in front of Parliament chanting, “free our people” before they all walked away.

The legislators noted that they want a response from the Government.

The protest by the opposition legislators comes at a time when many opposition-affiliated figures are emerging with evidence of being tortured after cases of detention.

One of the most recent outstanding cases of torture against the opposition emerged when Kasese NUP coordinator, Samuel Masereka, narrated his 34-day torture ordeal.

Masereka narrated his ordeal in a press conference at the National Unity Platform (NUP) headquarters in Kamwokya on Monday this week.

Masereka’s case is not unique to him alone as he disclosed seeing many other opposition figures being tortured in detention.

NUP MP, Abed Bwanika recently proposed that the leadership of the National Unity Platform should organize a meeting with the Head-of-State, President Museveni, to discuss a way out of the ongoing torture of party members.

However, NUP’s top leadership declined the meeting, ruling out the possibility of ever having a meeting with the country’s leader.

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